How do I contact Decluttr support?

Contacting our Decluttr support team is quick and easy.

To send an email to our support team, click here.

❗ Please include the following information in any email correspondence:

  • Your Name
  • Your Order Number (if you have one)
  • Your ZIP code

Got a burning question that needs a fast answer? Visit our Help Center. All of our help articles have been created based on years of queries and feedback from our customers. You're almost guaranteed to find the answer to your question!  

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We understand that some people prefer to talk over the phone. However, we found that the vast majority of our customers prefer to contact us via email, messaging, or social media. 

Focusing on online communications means we can help a lot more customers at once too, which allows us to resolve any issues much faster. Plus, it keeps our costs down - that means we can keep our prices low and pay more for the stuff you’re selling!

We’re as committed as ever to the happiness of our customers and we’re confident that we can help you out more efficiently than ever… even without a phone line! 

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