Upgrade the smart way!

Upgrade the smart way! 🧠

Want to trade in your unwanted Tech and then purchase to claim up to $20 cashback? Find out more information by visiting our webpage or by reading the information below.

1️⃣ Trade-in your unwanted Tech and then purchase a Tech product from Decluttr to get an additional $20 cashback!

♻ As well as making your upgrade cheaper, trading in your unwanted Tech helps reduce e-waste and cut your carbon footprint. It’s smart for you… smart for the planet! 


👉 How do I qualify for the promotion?

Here's how to qualify:

✅ Ensure that your total trade-in value for your Tech is at least $150. Your order can include multiple Tech items*.

✅ Ensure that you complete your purchase within 14 days of completing your trade-in order online.

*Your trade-in order must contain one of the following products: mobile phone, tablet, games console, MacBook, or wearable.


👉 Can you give me an example of how the offer works?

Let’s say you want to trade in your current iPhone and then purchase a new iPhone to replace it.

You trade in your iPhone first on Decluttr. Then, within 14 days of completing your order, you purchase a phone from musicMagpie.  

You’ll receive $20 in cashback using the payment method you selected for your trade-in 45 days after both orders are confirmed.

👉 When will I receive my extra cash? 

You’ll receive your cashback 45 days after both your orders are confirmed. 

Your cashback will be paid to the bank account or PayPal details listed on your Decluttr account so please make sure they are correct.

We'll send you an email to confirm that your additional cashback bonus has been paid.

👉 Do I need to trade in my items and shop using the same account? 

Yes. Our system will match your trade-in order to your purchase, so please make sure to use the same account.

👉 When do I need to complete a trade-in and purchase to claim my cashback bonus? 

You’ll need to complete your trade-in and purchase within 14 days of each other. If you don’t, we won’t be able to pay your cashback bonus.

👉 Can I purchase first before trading in?
Yes, you can. You'll just need to ensure that your rent/purchase and trade-in are completed within 14 days of each other and that your trade-in value meets the $150 order total requirement for Tech.
👉 What happens to my cashback bonus if my original trade-in valuation is revised?

If your original trade-in value is revised below the minimum requirement of $150, you will not qualify for a cashback bonus if you rented or purchased a Tech item within 14 days of both orders being completed.

❗ For further details, please see the Terms and Conditions of the fused proposition.


👉 What information do I need to provide if I need to contact Customer Services?

If you need to contact Customer Services, please use your 7 digit trade-in order number as a reference.

❗ For further details, please see the Terms and Conditions of the fused proposition. 

❓ For further information, and to upgrade the smart way! Click here.

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