My item has been regraded. Why is this?

Once your order reaches us it will undergo a series of quality checks to ensure that it matches the condition you selected. If, after the assessment, the device you've sent does not match this condition, it will be regraded and you'll be offered a revised price.

The revised offer will be sent to you via email; any reason(s) for the price revision will be clearly stated along with the option to accept or decline the offer. You'll then have 14 days to decide whether you'd like to accept or decline the new price.

If you choose to accept the revised price, we will complete the order and finalise your payment to clear in your account the same day.

If you choose to decline the revised price, we will return your device free of charge. We'll aim to dispatch your device the next business day. We'll email you on the day that your item is due to be delivered to your home address.

More information related to common reasons for regrades can be read here.

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