What is PhoneCheck and how can it affect my order?

PhoneCheck is a software that searches global databases containing billions of serial numbered devices to ensure that they are authentic when being bought or sold. It is an industry-wide practice used in electronic recycling to protect both sellers and buyers.

All of the devices that are bought and sold through Decluttr are checked against PhoneCheck's and GSMA's registers to ensure that they haven't been previously flagged as illegitimate.

Each time a device is analysed by PhoneCheck and GSMA, a number of different searches are performed on the device across numerous data sets. The analysis will identify whether the device has been reported as blocked, barred, lost or stolen, or considered a counterfeit and apply a 'red flag' to the device's background report.

If a device is found to have a "red flag" against it during the Quality Assessment process under one of the searches listed above, we'll be unable to pay for it nor will we be able to return it. Instead, the device will be quarantined and we'll email you with some information explaining how to remove the associated flag by contacting your cell phone provider.

You'll have 28 days (quarantine period) to remove the red flag and let us know once the flag has been successfully lifted. Once you've let us know the flag has been removed, we can send the device to be retested and graded as per our usual procedure, or you can request for the device to be returned back to you free of charge.

If the red flag is not removed within the quarantine period, we'll recycle the device responsibly.

For further information about PhoneCheck and GSMA checks, please consult our Terms and Conditions.

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