What is "Bad ESN" and how can I resolve it?

ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number. Each device has a unique ESN and is used by carriers to identify specific devices. 

When you sell a device to us, we'll check the history of the ESN using our industry-leading software called PhoneCheck. This will allow us to determine whether the ESN of your device has been flagged or blacklisted by the carrier or cell phone provider.

If a device is blacklisted and marked as "Bad ESN", it usually means one of two things:

  • The device has been registered as lost or stolen by the carrier
  • The previous account holder has an outstanding balance on the carrier's contract.

We're unable to process devices which are flagged as "Bad ESN" because we aren't able to refurbish them and list them for sale.

If your device is flagged as having a "Bad ESN", we'll let you know by email and ask you to contact your cell phone provider to remove your device from the blacklist.

You'll have 28 days to contact your cell phone provider and have the blacklist removed. Once you're in the clear, please contact us and we'll process your order as normal.

If you fail to contact your cell phone provider to have the blacklisted device removed within 28 days, we won't be able to pay for it and will have it recycled responsibly instead.

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